Friday, March 19, 2010

Shelf Reliance

It's the HOT, Utah!  What you ask,  hosting a food storage party. Not only am I having a party, but I am becoming a consultant, with my girlfreind Celeste for Shelf Reliance. 
Shelf Reliance not only sells shelving units, but the Thrive food line. And the best part...when you attend the parties, you get a "party price."  A normal 72" Harvest shelving unit sells for $459.99 reg. At a party, you pay ONLY $298.99!  Thats a SAVINGS of $161.00!!!  The Thrive product is also cheaper at the parties.  We tried the fantastic freeze dried pineapple chunks - so yummy!  Reg $36.12 - party price $26.37
If you have not had the opportunity to attend one of these parties yet, it doesn't surprise me.  It is so new, they only have over 100 consultants. We are so excited to grab on, and show you what we have to offer.
We attended a party last night, and left so excited for my food storage.  I set up a "Q."  This allows me to get my family food storage for all 5 of us, within our budget.  I set up a monthly amount I can afford, and it ships part of my Q to me each month.  My Q is for 3 months food storage, my budget is $75 per month, and I will get shipments for 28 months. You can personalize it however you would like, for as much as you would like.

Are you ready to get as excited as us?

When: Friday April 2, 2010
Where: Margaret's
7771 South 400 West, Paradise
Time: 7:00-9:00
RSVP: 881-8035

Please come and please bring yourself, friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers.
We will have lots of great product to sample, and some great food storage info.


Amy C said...

That sounds so cool!! I am going to have to mark my calendar and try to make it.

Amy ♥

Miken said...

i'm just getting into food storage. gotta get ready for the apocalypse!!