Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 1, Come and See

There wasn't going to be a "good time" to do this, so as the family was just settling in I asked them all to sit to the table.

Jayson: what do you have now

Addy: why

Ashton: too busy trying on his new riding boots

Jos: rolling eyes

I started by opening with how I had learned about the book 21 Days Closer to Christ, at Time out for Women.  I stated that after I had "done" 4 days, I felt our family could benefit in the challenge during November before Ashton is baptized on Dec. 1

They all listened, kinda

No one seemed too happy

The challenge is to simple:  open your hearts to hear the spirit.  If you are willing to let him in, he is waiting to hear from you and help you with your challenge. Determine what fills your net.  Are everyday challenges or fears holding you back from developing a relationship with Christ? Try and listen for the quiet invitations from the Lord to come and see.

Ashton called everyone to family prayer, I prayed.


Unknown said...

I want to read this book,it sounds amazing! Good for you Margaret!! I wish I would have known you went to TOFW. I had a ticket but no one to go with so I sold it.